Advice & Interim Management

Select tendering procedure

There are a number of different procedures for European Tendering. Which one suits you best?

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Draw up specification

Based on your requirements, we draw up the specification for (the maintenance of) your assets.

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Supplier selection

AssetPouwer provides complete supervision in the supplier selection and contracting.

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AssetPouwer offers you support in finalizing the contract for your (new) assets or their maintenance.

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Select type of contract

AssetPouwer helps you to determine what is the best type of contract for your tender.

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Inventory of requirements

We help you to balance what requirements for your assets suit your organization best.

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Tendering services

Your organization would like to tender new assets or the maintenance of existing assets. AssetPouwer relies on knowledge and experience in both the fields of (European) tendering and asset management. This offers you the following advantages:

  • high value for your organizational objectives;
  • good integration with your management system;
  • you are in control on the level that you require.

AssetPouwer uses a clear roadmap for tendering. The steps are described in the blocks above. The details are obviously dependent on the method of tendering. Depending on your needs you can use one or more steps of AssetPouwer’s services.