Advice & Interim Management

Asset Management exploration

What does good asset management bring you? AssetPouwer provides prictical insight.

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Asset Management awareness

Support with the creation of support for improvements in the field of asset management.

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Gap analysis ISO 55000

How good is your asset management system and are there points for improvement?

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Definition improvements

We determine the value of asset management improvements and help you to set priorities.

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Change Management

Within 6 months durable improvement of asset management and cooperation.

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ISO 55000 certification

Support for a smooth certification project.

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Change Management

You would like to durably improve your asset management and make sure that the people working in your organization support these improvements. You strive for cross-functional cooperation and practical processes.

Proven method

In cooperation with Rainmen Europe, AssetPouwer offers a unique combination of a proven method in the field of change management (accountability), asset management and ISO 55000.

Cooperation and behaviour

By means of Accountable Asset Management, a cross-functional asset management breakthrough team realises a selection of key projects. These projects contribute to faster realisation of the asset management objectives. The transformation team is responsible for the realisation of asset management improvement, as a team. Besides the standard project management aspects, the teams in particular make agreements in the fields of cooperation and behaviour. This creates the required commitment for change. Because the team members involve others in the projects, this method rapidly flows through the organisation and brings about a culture change. The project results are explicitly linked to the (asset management) objectives of the organization.

Durable improvement

Based on measurements over the years, Accountable Asset Management realises within 6 months:

  • Durable and supported improvement of your asset management system and asset management activities;
  • 27 % improvement of relationships;
  • 85 % asset management breakthrough projects realised within time and budget;
  • 83 % improvement if cooperation.