Advice & Interim Management

Asset Management exploration

What does good asset management bring you? AssetPouwer provides prictical insight.

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Asset Management awareness

Support with the creation of support for improvements in the field of asset management.

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Gap analysis ISO 55000

How good is your asset management system and are there points for improvement?

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Definition improvements

We determine the value of asset management improvements and help you to set priorities.

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Change Management

Within 6 months durable improvement of asset management and cooperation.

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ISO 55000 certification

Support for a smooth certification project.

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Asset Management services

Your organization has many assets that are important for your organization’s functioning. Would you like to:

  • Improve the performance of your assets?
  • Demonstrate to your stakeholders or regulator that you manage your assets properly?
  • Manage the risks for your organizational objectives?
  • Save costs?
  • Get clear insight in the way your assets are used?
  • Set the right priorities for investment in new assets?

AssetPouwer helps you realizing this. Our services extend over different phases of an improvement project. Asset management improvements are always custom-made. Services we often offer are displayed in the subjoined step-by-step plan.

AssetPouwer uses the most current standards on the area of asset management: ISO 55000 and NTA 8120 (for electricity and gas networks). These standards form a practical base for optimum asset management.