Advice & Interim Management

Project advice asset management

Suiting your project or service to your client’s objectives and organization.

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Organizational development asset mgt.

Integration of your organization with your client´s asset management system.

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A winning offer by integrating asset management and ISO 55000 in your tender.

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You want to tender for a contract that sets requirements or wishes on the area of asset management. Your organization has the required technical expertise and experience. However, you want to submit a good offer with respect to the abstract asset management requirements and wishes of the call to tender as well.

Translation to operational activities

AssetPouwer helps you translating the asset management requirements and wishes on strategic / tactic level to operational activities. We help you presenting your technical expertise and experience in a way that it corresponds to your client’s functional requirements.

ISO 55000

If the client has requirements and wishes related to ISO 55000 and/or certification, we advise what the possibilities are and how you can present these in the best possible way.


Performance often has to comply with quantitative requirements such as availability and reliability. AssetPouwer helps you estimating the risks and determining what you need to carry out to achieve this performance. This could be in the area of engineering, processes, methods or information (systems).

Asset management and DB(F)M(O)

We help you design the asset management if the tender comprises of multiple phases of the life cycle (DB(F)M(O)). This enables you to comply with the client’s requirements and wishes AND show that you are in control throughout the entire duration of the contract.

Life Cycle Cost calculations

If (design) choices have to be made for the tender that affect the costs, returns and performance in the course of the life cycle, we help you making LCC calculations. We have special LCC software that we can use to calculate different variants. You can also use the reports we can generate with the LCC software to help convince your client.