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The power of AssetPouwer

The power of AssetPouwerThe power that AssetPouwer offers is more than the “Power” that is in the name. AssetPouwer’s power originates from the following values:

Your organizational objectives

Your organizational objectives are at the central point of attention for all services AssetPouwer provides. An activity only offers added value if it directly or indirectly contributes to your organizational objectives.


AssetPouwer explicitly involves your employees in the project, questions them, listens to them and uses their knowledge and expertise. This is how we take care of a result with optimum support.

We take care of a personal approach. Before a project starts, you will know who will be working on it and you can be confident that this person will give its all.

AssetPouwer takes worries away. We guide your project from start to realization. Should we need third parties for this, AssetPouwer makes sure they are involved. We have an expanded network of reliable partners for this.


We apply a clear structure to projects, so you and your employees have an understanding of the way that leads to the desired result. Furthermore, it enables you to make adjustments whenever you think this is important.

AssetPouwer performs projects based on risks. We always consider the risks for your organizational objectives and the realization of a project.


AssetPouwer focuses on realization. We do not only provide advice that suits your situation; we also guide its implementation. After all, the realization of your (improvement) project is most important; generating paper is not.