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ISO 55000 target group

Who is ISO 55000 meant for, and what can you use it for?

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ISO 55000 fundamentals

What are the fundamentals ISO 55000 is based on? And what does this mean in practice?

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ISO 55001 certification

Everything you want to know about ISO 55001 certification

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ISO 55000 - Assetmanagement

ISO 55000 is an international standard that specifies the requirements for the development, implementation, maintenance and improvement of a management system for asset management. The standard specifies what elements should be in an asset management system and how they are interrelated. Its interpretation is up to the organization itself.

The standard comprises of four parts:

  • ISO 55000 – Asset management – Overview, principles and terminology

This part provides, as the name already indicates, an overview of asset management. It shows what good asset management is based on, how it relates to the organization and what its benefits are. An overview of related terminology is also given.

  • ISO 55001 – Asset management – Management systems – Requirements

All basic requirements of an asset management system are listed in a structured way.

  • ISO 55002 – Asset management – Management systems – Guidelines for the application of ISO 55001

This part provides more information about ISO 55001. It also gives several examples that could help when implementing a new asset management system.

  • ISO 55010 - Asset management - Guidance on the alignment of financial and non-financial functions in asset management

This part provides explanation on how and why financial and non-financial functions should be aligned.


On this site, these four parts are recapitulated into ISO 55000 to make it easier.

Both a paper version as a PDF of the ISO 55000 can be purchased at NEN.