Advice & Interim Management

About Adrie Pouwer

Linkedin Adrie PouwerAdrie Pouwer is an experienced consultant and interim manager in the field of asset management with a passion for improvement projects. His strength is converting strategy into practice. In his vision, sustainable improvements can only be achieved through cooperation and active involvement of people from different disciplines and on multiple levels.  

Adrie Pouwer relies on 20 years valuable experience gained at several companies including Lloyd’s Register and NedTrain Consulting (formerly the Engineering & Consultancy of the Dutch Railways), where he gained practical experiences in the areas of RAMS analysis, Life Cycle Costing, Systems Engineering, Specification, Supplier Assessment, Risk Analysis, Maintenance, Information Management, Condition Monitoring, Performance Improvement, Auditing, Strategic Planning, Tendering Procedure, Contract Management, Providing Training, Improving Management, Operational Processes, Maintenance Processes, Incident Management, Maintenance Optimization and Project Management.

In 2010, he gathered all these experiences together and established AssetPouwer – a consulting and interim management bureau in the field of asset management. The strategic-tactic advice that he provides in the field of asset management is based on his practical experiences and his knowledge of asset management systems and processes. This ensures viability.

Adrie Pouwer feels at home at all levels. He is a sparring partner for senior management but also likes to work on operational level. His strength is to link these different levels.

Adrie Pouwer can be characterized by the following keywords: proactive, focused, analytical, enthusiastic, guiding skills, persuading, listener, empathetic, critical, helicopter view, decision making skills. Moreover, his ability to present complex issues in a simple way. Adrie Pouwer M.Sc. studied at Delft University. Besides that, he holds the Diploma in Asset Management issued by the IAM.